Motor Honey Fuel Economy Improver

Product Details

Motor Honey Fuel Economy Improver is a premium performance gas additive that provides full-time lubrication to extend engine life. (This product is also known as Lubri-Gas.)


  • Improves gas mileage up to 15%
  • Provides full-time upper cylinder lubrication to extend engine life
  • Cleans injectors
  • Reduces emissions
Directions For Use

Add one (1) ounce to every 4 gallons (1:500) of fuel (gasoline) at every fill-up.  (Example: One 6 oz. bottle will treat 24 gallons.)

Additional Details
  • Part #: C1506
  • Size: 6 oz./177 ml
  • Qty/Case: 12
  • Cases/Pallet: 380

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