Motor Honey Engine Oil Leak Stopper

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Premium Engine Oil Leak Stopper  

Motor Honey Engine Oil Leak Stopper is specially formulated to stop minor leaks caused by hardening or drying gaskets and seals in gas and diesel engines.


  • Stops leaks and conditions seals
  • Helps prevent future leaks
  • Extends engine life
  • Compatible with conventional and synthetic oils
Directions For Use

Add one bottle to your engine at time of oil change.

Additional Details
  • PART #: C168-12
  • SIZE: 14 oz./414 ml
  • QTY/CASE: 12

"I have a 1999 dodge intrepid with a infamous 2.7 engine. I have been battling a oil leak in it for quite some time. It was to the point i was adding a quart of oil every week. I have tried bars leaks, but nothing happened . So when the next oil change was made i added bars leaks again, but still the leak continued. So i finally changed the oil again and put Motor Honey Engine Oil Stop Leak in to the new oil. After 140 miles it was a half of a quart low. So i thought the leak would have to be fixed mechanically. I topped off the oil and continued driving. After 400 miles I checked the oil again and found none had been leaked or consumed. When 1020 miles came to be i didn't have to top off either. Problem fixed, no more oil on the ground and  no more oil smoke from the engine. Great product! I will definately ask for casite products in the future." -- T.F.  Smithfield, P.A

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Coming in June 2013: Advance Auto Parts

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