Motor Honey Oil Stabilizer

Product Details

Race-engineered to improve oil viscosity and performance in all engine types!


  • Blends with Synthetic and Conventional oils
  • Reduces friction and engine wear
  • Helps increase fuel mileage and power
  • Helps prevent engine blow-by and seal leakage
  • Lowers operating temperature and safely extends engine component and oil life
  • Works in gasoline and diesel engines
  • Ensures excellent cold temperature protection for reduced engine wear and dry starts
  • Protects against oil breakdown in case of overheating
  • Maintains the multigrade characteristics of engine oil
  • Has detergent action to counteract engine acid buildup
  • Will not sludge or varnish
Directions For Use

At every oil change, replace approximately 20% of oil capacity with Motor Honey Oil Stabilizer. (Example: Mix 1 quart with 4 quarts of motor oil if capacity is 5 quarts)

Additional Details
  • Part #:    C166
  • Size:    32oz./946ml
  • Qty/Case:    6
  • Cases/Pallet:  161


  • Part #:    C166G
  • Size:    1 Gallon/3.785 Liters
  • Qty/Case:    4
  • Cases/Pallet:  36

"This stuff is some of the best assembly lube I have ever used and I have built well over 50 small and big block Chevy engines and several six cylinder motors, too! Never had a cam lobe or any bearing failure after rebuild." -- F.E.

"Hi, I just had to tell you I have a Suburu car which has had one noisy hydralic lifter which has been clacking for years, I have tried every type of lifter lube but yours is the only one which has quietened it, going on three weeks now that is a record.Thankyou!" -- Roy

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Coming in June 2013: Advance Auto Parts

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