Motor Honey Oil Treatment

Product Details

Motor Honey Oil Treatment is formulated to help your engine run better.

  • Stops smoke
  • Reduces oil burning
  • Viscosity improver and oil toughener for all gas and diesel engines
  • Coats engine parts
  • Quiets noisy engines
Directions For Use

One bottle should be added to every oil change. Helps protect both gasoline and diesel engines.

Additional Details
  • Part #: C162-12
  • Size: 14 oz./414 ml
  • Qty/Case: 12
  • Cases/Pallet: 100

"I used Motor Honey in my 1995 Ford Thunderbird that had a tired 4.6L V8. Not only did your product reduce oil consumption, it even improved performance and gas mileage." -- Richard B.

"My Subaru was plagued with a noisy lifter. After one treatment of Motor Honey, it quieted down. Now I can still drive my car every day and not worry." --Roy W.

Hello Casite Company,


I have been meaning to write to you for some months now. Last year I had a significant leak in my engine on a vehicle that has a lot of miles. I wasn't pleased to think that it may be time to say good bye and make that car purcase that I have been reluctant to make. I recalled using Honey in my younger days with cars that had engine problems. I used the product as indicated for a little over four months after every oil change. I am here to tell you that the quality of this product far exceeded what I had remembered. There was a significant leak coming from the entire head gasket. I was adding a quart of oil every few weeks. The treatment stopped the leak and calmed the tap of the engine.


This product allowed me to run this vehicle, a 2001 nissan altima, with 276,000 miles a bit longer. There is no need for adding quarts of oil at this time, and the quality of oil in the engine has been enhanced by Motor Honey. The oil previously turned black and thin quickly and now holds its integrity throughout long daily drives to work that are 90 miles at highway speeds.


Thank you Casite Company!!




Dawn P.

" have a 1993 Chevy Silverado with the 350. It has over 200K miles on it, and it started to devlop a slight knock and would smoke until it warmed up. I put 2 bottles of Motor Honey in my truck and the noise stopped and the oil pressure is close to where it should be. This will allow me time to find another rebuilt engine, and I will use this product every oil change in the new engine as I feel this product is great for the engine. I would recommend is to a friend!" --Fuzwald (Dubuque, IA), Auto Enthusiast

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