Motor Honey Fuel Economy Improver

  • Improves gas mileage up to 15%
  • Provides full-time upper cylinder lubrication to extend engine life
  • Cleans injectors
  • Reduces emissions

Motor Honey Oil Stabilizer

  • Blends with synthetic and conventional oils
  • Reduces friction and engine wear
  • Helps increase fuel mileage and power
  • Helps prevent engine blow-by and seal leakage

Diesel Fuel Treatment


  • Conditioner and de-icer
  • Replaces and enhances sulfur lubricity
  • Anti-gel properties

Lubri-Diesel Xtreme Winterizer

Winterizing/De-icing, Cetane-boosting, high-viscosity upper cylinder lubricant with detergent for diesel engines.


Cetane-boosting, high viscosity upper cylinder lubricant with detergent for diesel engines.



  • Improves fuel efficiency and reduces oil consumption
  • Increases the lubricity of ultra low sulfur, low aromatic diesel fuel
  • Reduces friction heat and wear by providing full time lubrication to fuel system components, top cylinders, rings and valves
  • Prevents premature injection pump and o-ring seal failure
  • Increases compression pressure, power and performance


Power Steering Honey with Leak Stopper

  • Stops most leaks
  • Identifies leaks with fluorescent pink leak finder
  • Conditions seals
  • Is non-corrosive, non-foaming

Tranny Honey Transmission Treatment with Leak Stopper

  • Stops and prevents transmission leaks
  • Cleans and treats moving parts
  • Smoothes rough shifting
  • Conditions transmission fluid
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